Now What? 

is an adventure into motherhood and life itself. 

Now What? is meant to be an advice column, a forum for questions and discussions and a resource for both mothers of all ages as well as young adults trying to figure it out all on their own. 

Everyone leaves the nest sometime.  Why not have the tools, or "quotes" we might say, to help guide you along the way?

Parenthood is long and arduous.  It is also fun and fulfilling.  The highs are high and the lows are low.  It’s important to know this. It is also important to have a plan.  Thinking about and formulating a philosophy or goal to your parenting is probably something you have considered subconsciously, but never articulated or put on paper. 

That is what I have tried to do with this blog.  Get you to think what philosophy of parenting you want to have.  It will be different than mine; it will be yours.  But the important thing is to go through the parenting journey with intention. 

I have something to say about my parenting journey.  I hope it helps you to formulate yours. 

Stick to the plan.
— Myself